About Our Company

HoloDisplays, Inc. is a USA manufacturer, fabricator, and designer of leading edge projection screens and displays. Developers of Embedded Optics Technology (EOT) for FRONT and REAR high performance projection screens that create dynamic visual energy and vivid images.

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Product Overview

The special optical properties inherent in all HoloDisplays screens are obtained by incorporating spherical, high molecular weight polymer beads with a different refractive index into the acrylic matrix.


The difference in refractive indices results in as much as 30% more light transmission with HoloDisplays.

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Empowering Your Image

HoloDisplays, Inc has years of expertise as a projection screen technology innovator and designer of leading edge first of a kind displays. We fabricate screens and displays for trade shows, shopping malls, museums, restaurants, sports bars, sports arenas, home theaters, simulators, controls centers, places of worship, corporate showrooms, entertainment venues, finance, education, military and government institutions, digital signage, etc. Whatever the size or complexity of your application, we welcome the opportunity work with you in EMPOWERING YOUR IMAGE

Holo Displays

3D and 2D HD Projection Screens and HD projection screen technology

Since 2001 HoloDisplays, Inc. has been a foremost developer, manufacturer and provider of projection screen technology including 3D and 2D HD projection screens. By implementing and investing in new technology, our company has established a reputation as a leader in HD projection screen technology, advanced embedded optics and lighting technologies. Our inventory includes an assortment of different products with variable capabilities. Tradeshow booths, corporate lobbies and 3d events exhibits, to name a few, all apply our products in order to deliver a professional quality presentation.

All of our products are manufactured in the USA and all are ISO 9001 quality certified. Affordability and unparalleled quality separates HoloDisplays, Inc. from other companies and has given us the privilege to provide for some of the largest corporations and organizations in the US. Please browse through the rest of our site for more information about our company and the advances we are making in projection screen technology.